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1st Prize       $10,000
2nd Prize     $2,500
3rd Prize      $1,000

Tickets $10 each.

Buy here -- or from any member of the Foundation Board (see list below). 

E-transfer at 

Total number of tickets available:  2000

Hey, your odds are better here than winning the national lottery! Buy more than one -- increase your chances even further! PLUS ... you're supporting healthcare in our County!

Draw date:  December 14, 2023
Cutoff for purchases:  noon on December 14, 2023

Online purchases will be mailed. Must be 18 years old to purchase.


Board members:  Alan Sinclair,  Claire Richard, Yvonne Zevola, Omer Moghrabi,  Henry VanDorland, Velina Turgeon, Dianne L'Heureux, Eileen Ray, Lisa Sparks, Jason Stedman, Lorin Tkachuk


Raffle License #654408

Thank you

for helping to make our region healthier and happier.

You can also support the work of the Foundation with a donation. These contributions can be either a financial gift or a gift in kind (services or product), and made on a one-time or regular basis.

Sign up to volunteer! (We will contact you as soon as there is an event or activity needing volunteers). We have a lot going on and your help is appreciated.

Your support is gratefully appreciated both by the Lac La Biche Regional Health Foundation itself and by everyone who benefits from our efforts. 

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