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1st Prize       $5000
2nd Prize     $1500
3rd Prize        $500

Tickets $10 each.

Buy here -- or from any member of the Foundation Board (see list below). Tickets are also available at The Liquor Stop and Marczak's Ace Hardware.

Total number of tickets available:  2000

Hey, your odds are better here than winning the national lottery! Buy more than one -- increase your chances even further! PLUS ... you're supporting healthcare in our County!

Draw date:  Dec 17, 2021
Cutoff for purchases:  noon, Dec 17, 2021

Online purchases will be mailed. Must be 18 years old to purchase.


Board members:  George L’Heureux, Claire Richard, Yvonne Zevola, Sharon Hutchinson, Ted Langford, Alan Moghrabi, Shirley Paradis, Henry VanDorland


Raffle License #582261


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