Our Heroes

Thanks to the generous donations of community members, business owners, and
industry, the Health Foundation has funded a new mobile cardiac monitoring system
for William J. Cadzow Hospital - and it is now in operation. The monitors provide           
a real health benefit by continually analyzing patients’ heart rhythms while allowing
them to move around rather than being confined to their bed.
The Health Foundation and its partners are now fundraising for other projects.

It's important to know it's you, our supporters, who are making this happen
and will continue to create positive changes in the future. We couldn't do it
without you.


supporters are the

true heroes 

of our



Lac La Biche County

$500,000 - 999,999

Nashim, Carmen & Family (In Memory of Frank Nashim)

$100,000 - 499,999

Elinor Lake Resort (In Memory of Mariam & Mohammed Eludin)

$50,000 - 99,999

Cenovus Energy Inc.
Devon Canada Corporation

$25,000 - 49,999

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Chadi Family Foundation
McMillan, Jan & Family

$10,000 - 24,999

Athabasca Oil Corporation

Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks - Lac La Biche

Hanlon, Terry & Linda (In Memory of Charlie Slade)

Khalil & Sons Ltd.

Lac La Biche Sobeys

$1,000 - 9,999

5HV Club 
724313 Alberta Ltd (Kevin Mroczek)

1602840 Alberta Ltd.
Abougouche, Ismail A

Andrusiak, Carol & Terry (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Associated Medical Clinic
ATB Financial

Balles, Lisa & Scott (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Barclay, Leona (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Benevolent Order of Elks

Behnke, Sharon (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Bergum, Carol (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Birkill, Richard

Bollinger, Don & Lynne (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Booth, James & Shelly (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Britton's Independent Grocer

Broadbent, Nancy (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Brunning, Fay (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Buffalo Lake Development Corp.
Calnash Trucking Ltd.

Catholic Women's League of Canada, St Isidore's Council

Chavan, Uday & Della (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Chedkor Contracting Ltd.

Christie, Jeanne (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Christie, Maxwell (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Courtoreille, Janet (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Ebbers, Barbara & Jim (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Edcon Power Tongs Ltd.
Egoroff Family

Enbridge Pipeline Inc.

Enns, Kerry (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Favennec, Armand

Gendron, Jim (In Memory of Bryon Ward)

Gesner, Kim & Andy (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Hagedorn, Frances (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Hamar, Debra (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Hamar, James (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Haymour, Hajar
Hoskins, Lorna & Brian (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Jaward Developments Ltd. (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Johnson, Alvin (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Kingdom Cats Ltd.
Knights of Columbus

Kuncio, Walter & Marian (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Lac La Biche - St. Paul Wildrose Alliance
Lac La Biche & District Natural Gas Coop
Lac La Biche Agricultural Society
Lac La Biche IGA
Lac La Biche Sporting Goods
Lac La Biche Transport
Ladies Legion Auxiliary, Branch #28, Lac La Biche
Lakeland Lebanese Cultural & Educational Society
Langevin, Ovide & Yvette (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Langford, Ted

Liland, John & Joan (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Litzenberger, Nancy (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Lloyd, Donna (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

McArthur, Clara (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Moghrabi, Chafic

Moghrabi, Omer & Beverly (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Moore, Ron (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Muslim Ladies Association

North Parkland Power
Northern Lights Executive Lodging (
Eludin Family)

Piquette, Paul & Adele

Polturak, Kalman & Anita (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Polzin, Thomas & Marianne (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Richard, Maurice & Nancy (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Sadoway, Delores (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Safadi, Zahra

Saunders, William & Renie (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Servus Credit Union

Skakun, Olive (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Small, Daniel

Small, Daniel (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Staff of Forestry (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Tara's Pizza Ltd.Tarrabain Family (In Memory of Inaam Tarrabain)
Tarrabain Motors

TC Energy (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
The Cooperators & Piquette Insurance Services

Torgerson, Lance (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Congregation (Grassland)

Ward, Christie (In Memory of Brydon Ward)
Wowk, Gerald

Young, Linda (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Zacharias, Trenton (In Memory of Brydon Ward)

Under $999

11442488 Alberta Ltd / Larry Rudiger
Adam, Tara & Drew  (In Memory of Anne Tarrabain)
Alberta Central Airways

Amblie, Shadia
Behnke, Sharon (In Memory of Inaam Tarrabain)

Behnke, Sharon (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Beniuk, Darlene

Blueleaf Electric

Booth, James & Shelly (In memory of John Panchuck)

Borgun, Collette

Bourassa, Raymond & Joni (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Bouvier, Sonia
Boyson, Gina
Broadbent, Gail (In memory of Louise Piquette)
Broadbent, Mike & Nancy

Brunning, Jane & Douglas (In memory of Brydon Ward)

Chavan, Uday & Della (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Cloutier, Josie (In memory of Joe Cloutier)

Cloutier, Josie (In memory of John Panchuk)
Commercial Business Consulting

Cook, Bernice & Michele

Cote, Colin
Cote, Remi & Aline

Courtoreille, Elaine (In memory of John Panchuck)
Creelman, Richard
Doucet, Laurette
Ferguson, Norma

Fyith, Brenda
Gaberel, Mae
Gargus, Ellen
Gateway Dental Clinic

Giacobbo, Lena (In memory of Rosanna Giacobbo)

Grant, Elaine

Gaudet, Lise (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Gauthier, Reed

Gottschalk, Buzz & Louise (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Hamar, Debra (In memory of John Panchuk)

Hamar, Sophie (In memory of Helen Tkachuk)

Hamar, Sophie (In memory of John Panchuck)
Hansen, June

Happner, Lucille (In memory of John Panchuk)
Highway 63 Equipment Rental Ltd.

Holmes, Phillip

Hutchinson, Sharon (In memory of Joe Cloutier)
Hutchinson, Sharon
 (In memory of John Panchuk)    
J.W. Kozina Professional Corp.

Johnson, Sterling

Kittlitz, Clayton

Knudslien, Jean (In memory of James Flaterty)

Knudslien, Jean (In memory of Louise Piquette)
Kondrat, T & E

Kuncio, Walter & Marian (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Kyle, Dennis & Elaine (In memory of Louise Piquette)
La Biche Ford

Labonte, Jacques & Lena
Lac La Biche Heritage Society

Lac La Biche Royal Purple
Lac La Biche Value Drugs

Ladies Legion Auxiliary, Branch #28, Lac La Biche
Langford, Marlene

Langford, Ted
Langivin, Ovide & Yvette

Lebas, Linda & Eugene (In memory of John Panchuk)

L'Heureux, George
Liquor Stop

MacCallum, EP (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Mad Oilfield Services

Makowichuk, Wilfrid (In memory of John Panchuk)
Martin, John & Belle

McCullough, Scott & Irene (In memory of John Panchuck)

Meardi, Janet

Moghrabi, Omer & Beverly (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Moore, Charlyn
Moore, Ron (In memory of John Panchuck)

Moore, Ron (In memory of Louise Piquette)

North Parkland Power

Ogston, Anne & Brian (In memory of John Panchuck)

Parsons, Woodey (In memory of T Kaufman)

Persson, Richard & Lynn (In memory of Joe Cloutier)

Pihowich, Ruth (In memory of Joe Cloutier)

Piquette, Leo
Piquette, Romeo & Sheila (In memory of Louise Piquette)
Plamondon Cooperative Ltd
Rogers, Helen

Routhier, Germain (In memory of Joe Cloutier)
Sallee, Bill & Johanne (In memory of Anne Tarrabain)

Shapka, Karen

Shaw, Paul & Elsie (In memory of Louise Piquette)
Shewchuk, Susan (In memory of Joe Cloutier)
Skakun, Olive
Smiley's Furniture
Smith, Olga

Speers, Arlene (In memory of Louise Piquette)

Stedman, Jason
Steedsman, Rita 

Sworin, Olga (In memory of John Panchuck)

Tarrabain Motors Staff
Tesolin, John & Raymonde
Tesolin, Mary
Tichonuk, Evelyn
Tkachuk, Grant & Tanya, & Family (In Memory of Anne Tarrabain)
Tkachuk, Lorin

Tremblay, Russel

Tyreman, Tracy & Collette (In memory of Louise Piquette)

United Way

Walter Ryl Professional Corp.
Wicker, George & Anne
Wowk, Denise

Young, Linda (In Memory of John Panchuk)

Zacharuk, Glen & Shirley (In memory of John Panchuk)

Gifts in Kind

These donors have provided live / silent auction items

for the Gala or other Gifts in Kind in support of our work.


ACE Hardware

Alberta Forestry

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries
Alberta Parks

Associated Medical Clinic

BCMI Motels

Big Brothers / Big Sisters

Boom Radio 103.5 FM

Britton's Independent Grocers

BRN Auctioneers - Blake Nashim

Broadbent, Helen 
Broadbent, Mike & Nancy

Central Sales & Services (1993) Ltd.
Chadi, Sine 
Chwedoruk Trucking
Edmonton Oilers Alumni Association

Eludin, Zeyad 

Gateway Dental Clinic

Great Canadian Liquor Store
Hanson, David 
Highway 63 Equipment Rentals Ltd.
Home Hardware


IM Industries Ltd - Layne Brezinski

JLG Ball Enterprises

La Biche Ford Ltd.
Lac La Biche Agricultural Society

Lac La Biche County

Lac La Biche Kinettes

Langevin, Ovide & Yvette

Liquor Stop

Missionview Funeral Chapel
Nowak, John

Parkland Motels

Plamondon Co-op Ltd 
Precise Laser - Bruce Adolf
Ramada Hotels



Royal LePage


Scott, Stella 
Skakun, Olive & Family
Smiley's Furniture

Straus Law

TH Mechanical

The Stitchin' Man 
Thompson, Todd 

White, Kirsten
Wipfli, Karin 




Since new donors contribute regularly, this list may not include recent contributions.

The list is updated periodically. If you notice an error, please contact our office.