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Cash Raffle 


1st Prize       $10,000 (Sponsored by Canadian Natural)
2nd Prize     $2,500
3rd Prize      $1,000

Tickets $10 each.


NOTE: A printing error on the ticket stub says the second prize is $2,500.00.00. It should read $2,500.00. 

Total number of tickets available:  2000
Draw date:  December 16, 2022
Cutoff for purchases:  December 15, 2022 at noon
Must be 18 years old to purchase.

Buy from any member of the Foundation Board. 

Board members: Allan Sinclair, Claire Richard, Omer Moghrabi, Alan Moghrabi, Shirley Paradis, Henry VanDorland, Velina Turgeon, Lisa Sparks, Dianne L’Heureux, Eileen Ray, Jason Stedman, Lorin Tkachuk.


You can also buy online through E-Transfer at:


Raffle License #611927

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